Our Services

Visa Processing

We process Kuwait travel visa for our clients.

Ticket purchase

We purchase tickets at an affordable price.


We provide you with safe and affordable accommodation

Good Paying Jobs

We get good paying jobs for you. Jobs that have other benefits

Youth Development

We empower youths with skills, which make them financially independent.

Vocational Training

We offer vocational skills that enable them work for themselves, and create jobs for others.

Technical Training

We offer technical trainings for various fields.

Professional Employees Sourcing

We help place job seekers in the right job and company.


Who We Are

Greenlife Royal Pride Limited is a registered company limited by liability under the statue law of federal government of Nigeria. Greenlife Royal Pride Limited is a company that has a lot of branches in it role of work which manpower recruitment is one of its organs. Greenlife Royal Pride Limited is born in Nigeria to help eschew the unemployment menace circulating in this noble and hardworking fatherland for some decades now.

Greenlife Royal Pride Limited is also a household name for it tremendous live changes it brought to over thousands of people’s lives from far and near especially among the 36 states in Nigeria to be precise. Due to the current increment in the unemployment rate in nigeria which is contributing to the rise in social vices such as arm robbery, fraud, prostitution, money rituals etc., we the management of Greenlife Royal Pride saw it as a serious crises and therefore employing over ten thousand people for employment abroad which is open for all and sandry throughout the country. Greenlife Royal Pride Limited is an institution that works with the labour law governing this trade and hence make sure all it employees work under good conditions of country of work. Greenlife Royal Pride is a legal institution which can supply labour to local or any international companies to their taste and qualification they need.

Our Core Values


GREENLIFE ROYAL PRIDE LIMITED is currently working on YOUTH DEVELOPMENT for next Generations and since we are a FAMILY everybody is invited.

Greenlife Royal Pride Limited is one of the Nigeria number 1 abroad manpower recruitment which has built and save many lives in Nigeria and beyond. Greenlife Royal Pride Limited name has spread widely like a bush fire in harmarttan season due to the significant role it plays in solving unemployment situation in the country as a whole. Greenlife Royal Pride Limited is being recognized internationally and locally by both private and government institutions respectively.

Our Updates


Up coming recruitment is beginning from April to June 2017. Contact us for more information.